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Do you want to make more money and have a

better work-life balance?

But struggling to do it all?

You’re not alone

You don’t need me telling you that it’s hard being a man in today’s world – we’re expected to be strong but sensitive; ambitious but not cocky; successful at work while being an amazing son, husband, partner, dad, or brother too.

Many men are feeling the pressure of trying to have it all, and working too much can leave them stressed out and unhappy. It doesn’t have to be this way! Let me help you discover how to create more success, purpose, empowerment, and happiness in your life. I will teach you how to get rid of the stress that comes with being overwhelmed at work so that you can live a happier life overall.

The Modern Man is plagued by conflict…both internal & external

On one hand, he wants to be successful in life and at work, but on the other hand, he also wants to spend time with his family or pursue hobbies that are not always compatible with this goal.

It’s no wonder so many guys feel like they’re failing at life!

But here’s the thing…you don’t have to settle for less than what you deserve anymore. You can achieve your goals, build your confidence and find success in every area of your life by working with me as your coach or consultant on this journey towards living the best version of yourself possible!

They’re under constant pressure to succeed professionally while being expected to be present partners, husbands, and fathers as well. The result is an epidemic of burnout among professionals who are unable to meet their personal goals because they’ve given up too much already.

It’s no secret that men have been struggling for decades

As a Viking Mindset Coach for Men, I can help you achieve your professional goals without sacrificing your personal ones through mindfulness training based on the principles of the Viking Code of Honor – honor yourself, respect others, face challenges head-on, and never give up! 

My approach to coaching

The Viking Way

Learn how to become more resilient so you can deal with stress better and focus only on what matters most in order to achieve success without burning out.


The Nine Noble Virtues start with courage, which is appropriate since without it you cannot live up to your code of honor for very long. The word “courage” comes from the Latin word ‘heart,’ and requires a lot more than just bravery in battle. Like Vikings before us, we need courage to stand by our beliefs even when others disagree or doubt them; but this virtue can be applied beyond being brave on the battlefield because “it takes guts,” as they say, “to do what you know is right” no matter where life leads you.


The Vikings believed that lying was one of the worst infractions a person could make. They felt it showed cowardice and only considered excusable if an individual was being lied to, in which case they would not mind returning the favor. You will have no reason to lie about your actions if you live by what you believe in your heart. If something is not true, don’t say it and do not participate in the action either.


People often think that honor is something external, like reputation. However, this could not be further from the truth. True honor comes from your own integrity as a human being; it does not come in response to other people’s thoughts about you or how they treat you based on their opinions of you.


Being faithful is something that we can be dedicated to: ourselves, our partners, our family, our friends, our employees, our employers, and our Gods.


To be considered a respectable member of Viking society, one must have the discipline to act for what they believed in when it was not convenient. Vikings who only acted on their values and beliefs when it suited them were deemed as having very little self-discipline and would often receive harsh criticism from others around them.


The Vikings believed that every guest should be treated with dignity and courtesy. They also thought the gods visited Earth in human form, so mistreating a stranger could offend their deities.


The Vikings valued hard work and dedication. They believed in doing everything to the best of their ability and refused to lower their expectations of themselves in every aspect of life. 


Vikings believed that being a provider was integral to their independence. They did not like being dependant on someone else for their welfare because if they’re forced into a position of choosing between principles or work, they may suffer the consequences.


Vikings were determined to see things through, so quitting wasn’t an option; if it got tough they knew that honor prevented them from stopping. There is no such thing as failure – only lessons learned.

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